Rustic Spice Bowl Set

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This set of four rustic, pinch pots have been hand formed by me from textured, earthy stoneware clay. After shaping and drying, I bisque fired them and then glazed them in contrasting shades of white and dark turquoise. Pieces then went back into the kiln and were high fired, giving them strength and durability. These bowls are ideal for spices, dukkah, oil, chopped chilli or garlic. 

In many of my ceramic pieces you will find slight imperfections and marks left by the handmade process. These contribute to the uniqueness and beauty of the forms and are simply part of the character of the individual piece.

Larger size (x2) - 8cm (3") across, 5cm (2") deep
Mid size - 7cm (2.5") across, 5cm (2") deep
Small size - 5cm (2") across, 4cm (1.5") deep

Please Note : These items are MADE TO ORDER and may vary slightly from the image shown. Current make time is 2-3 weeks. 

*food, oven and dishwasher safe
*not suitable for microwave

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